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Embracing the cringe

I used to blog way back in the day. First, I blogged anonymously on a site called Journalspace, where I talked all about my wayward youth, my wild twenties, my sex life, etc. And, then, as a result of sharing the link to that blog with a select few friends, one of whom was the editor of our afternoon daily, I was asked to write a weekly parenting blog for the local newspaper. (I was one of five "mommies" for the "Mommyhood" blog and my day was Friday, maybe because that editor friend thought I was the mommy who liked to party, based on the content on my other blog.)

Anyway, I for whatever reason, I stopped doing that. Blogging, I mean. I became involved in environmental activism and sometimes wrote about water quality or utility justice issues. I ran for office and after I was elected, I sometimes wrote about things happening at the City level. But, I totally stopped writing for fun. And, I gotta tell ya: it's hard to get back into it. Like, did I even ever think this was fun? Maybe I am like Dorothy Parker: I hate writing, I love having written.

But, I am determined to change my ways. I've started a health/fitness/mental toughness challenge that is known as 75 Hard, although I am choosing to call mine 75 Joyful Perseverance. (Even though that means having to learn to spell perseverance- ugh, wrong again.) One of the habits of my challenge is to write every day or, more specifically, to blog everyday. Unfortunately, that means checking in with my internal critic every now and again to affirm for her that it's ok: I'm worthy of love, even in the face of crummy writing. (Or, excess abdominal fat and stiff joints.)

I imagine these short posts, that maybe aren't as fleshed out as I'd like, but are nevertheless longer than a tweet, will help build my writing muscles in the way that the 6 push-ups (on my knees) will hopefully make my chest and arms stronger. In the meantime, enjoy some photos from the ’hood. The Mommyhood, that is.

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